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Welcome To Jimbo's Home Page

How Do! Set this up put assorted nonsense into an overcrowded Cyberspace. Some stuff on travel, The Arsenal, some of my chinas and life out here in the Tropics. Mmmm website enjoy...

Now we are some way past thirty...

It is a crime how I have neglected this page in the last 12 months. The only significant change has been the additon of the Vladivostok page.

In this last year I 'as mostly been playing football, watching football, travelling, working (boo), reading, studying Chinese and yes I have been going to the gym! What a big gurl I have become.

In the last 12 months I have been to South Africa, Manila, London (three times). Bali, Hong Kong, Paris (yes for THE MATCH) and Taiwan. Not a bad haul but I want more and it is back to England again next week.


and I was there in Paris, the best of times and the worst of times.


Do not forget the most important website in the world. http://www.knightsbridgepiano.com/ if you are looking for a Joanna you know where to find one. London's premier PIANO emporium.

Oh and my film is out and about. The preview site  http://www.chopslick.com/gumredux/index.html  no longer works but try Noodlem   no longer works but try Noodlem http://www.noodlem.com/

Please note that it is not easy to read the Queensland and Laos stories because of the photos. I would recommend copying and pasting them into word in order to read more easily. 

Just to remind if anyone wants to slag me off then please write to me directly at sol_is_a_gooner@hotmail.com and spare the rest of humanity your considered opinions, Cheers Le Boss. But sadly I am not getting the slagging I used to get, where have you all gone? People who dislike me I demand your abuse and attention!

New Stuff

Hi the What is Up page will be the update page for now. That will have all the snag stuff about week to week life.

After the guestbook got flamed I had to remove it but now I have a corkboard for all dodgy opinions to be posted. You can click on the link above or below, cheers.



Great websites

The best of all is my brother's especially as he takes the wet out of me at every opportunity!  http://www.willobrien.com

The best non-O'Brien website  http://www.anr.uk.com/. No pop ups, no graphics, just text. Chuffing great.

The other one I like is anti-ANR. http://www.arseblog.com/index.php. Check out his dreams, wild!

This one is interesting, I have not spoken to her for 9 years but Rebecca has a website.  http://www.rebeccamerry.co.uk

Are you a chav? Test yourself here http://www.chavscum.co.uk 


create your own visited countries map or vertaling Duits Nederlands
I am the ugly duckling in reverse alas


Name; James Edward O'Brien
Father; Dr Edward Joseph O'Brien
Mother; Dr Paula Joan O'Brien
Born; North Middlesex hospital London
Grew Up; Muswell Hill and Finchley Central
Highgate School for boys 1982-1992
Trinity College Cambridge 1992-1995
City University 1996-1997
Standard Chartered Bank UK 1997-2000
Standard Chartered Bank Singapore 2000-?

I never met a dame who didn't understand a smack in the kisser or a slug from a 45.



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Playing football in Singapore

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